by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

SIGIT Academy sponsored a live Carbon Capture & Sequestration webinar on October 20, hosted by Wayne Monnery and Forrest Churchill.


With over 110 attendees, the 1-hour training session covered a broad spectrum of Carbon Capture and Sequestration topics.

Gas treating is not new to the midstream industry, but recent developments towards a lower carbon energy system have driven operating companies to explore, evaluate, and determine if CO2 capture from operations or separation from the processing of produced raw gas can add value to their organization beyond meeting sales contract quality.

To date, existing approaches rely heavily on solvent treatment solutions, targeted at removing CO2 from a produced gas stream. CO2 capture approaches need to consider varying process and market conditions, available utility systems and new technology to balance recovery, CAPEX, and OPEX cost considerations.

Our team presented:
– source gas considerations for Carbon Capture,
– technology offerings to separate/purify the gas, and
– market requirements for the sale of the CO2 product.

Source gases evaluated include:
– typical production gas profiles,
– flue gas from some industrial processes, and
– engine exhaust gas.

Important considerations discussed were:
– the use of solvent absorption,
– solid adsorption (including MOFs), and
– cryogenic separation

At this time, we are considering hosting another free session in the near future. If you are interested in attending, please visit the SIGIT Academy page and register for our newsletter. When we launch our next Carbon Capture course (or any other course, for that matter!), we will contact you with more details.