by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

Congrats to North American Helium, Inc on getting their first single well purification site online! We are grateful for your trust in the SIGIT Integrated Model (SIM) and the dedication from so many hard-working individuals. Global News covered this milestone (link to article below)…

This was our 2nd Helium purification project – 1st in Canada. We are especially proud because we employed the SIM at the onset of the COVID pandemic. Just as the detailed design was kicked off, mass lockdowns occurred. Everyone had to adapt quickly and work together in new ways to move the project forward.

People were out fabricating, wiring & welding, abiding by all precautions. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed.

Safety was the priority and despite the world’s upheaval – the facility came online 2 days early.

Thank you project team and all those who supported you!

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