by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

What type of equipment is notorious for schedule setbacks so far in 2022? What time of year is best to start FEED for small to large-scale projects, ensuring the ideal construction window?

In the first of a video series, Jeff Moench has created a project planning tool to help you quickly visualize your project schedule/forecast. Watch the first of a new SIGIT video series – SIGIT’s Project Scheduling Roadmap.


Accurate long-term planning is critical to the success of your project. This video covers:

  • Equipment that used to take 4-8 weeks to procure, is now taking 20+ weeks to deliver – how to pivot and plan
  • In March/April 2022, Pressure Safety Valves are by far the most challenging equipment to procure – plan for these to be your critical path item
  • Control equipment have extended delivery lead times
  • When to kick off projects to achieve your ideal construction window