by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

Today’s Q&A is with Serge Despres – our VP, Operations Canada. Serge has 18+ years of combined engineering and design, fabrication, construction and project management experience. He is driven to empower his team to provide true solutions for clients. 

Q) What are your guiding principles and approach to leading a large organization of engineering professionals?

A) Everyone is unique and they all need different environments to be successful.  Some engineers like doing tasks and others like to lead, so we position them in the project team accordingly for the best results.  Egos need to go to the side and the project/team objectives are the priority.

Q) What is the most important activity you do on a daily basis to ensure SIGIT projects are a success?

A) I ask questions and look for risks that have not been mitigated yet.  I also remind everyone that there is no such thing as a problem; it’s a challenge which becomes an opportunity for a solution.

Q) How do you motivate engineering professionals?

A) We motivate engineers by providing them a flexible and challenging environment.  Engineers like to be innovative and have structure… we provide them a results-driven culture and a path to developing project solutions.

Q) Who is your perfect client?

A) Our perfect Client is a person/organization that will respect the basics of proper project management.  Someone that clearly shares their objectives and priorities.

Q) Why are you who you are? Why are you the Vice President, Sponsor and Team Coach and not a Project Engineer?

A) I like to lead and assemble teams to develop solutions.  I mostly look to mitigate risk and find gaps in project execution rather than do the actual task of project execution.

Q) What is one thing the client can count on you for?

A) Honesty and respect.  I like to communicate the facts… whether they are good or bad and I always see challenges as opportunities.