by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

Today’s Q&A is with Shennon Sharma – our Controls Lead. Shennon has been with SIGIT for over 10 years. A graduate of Computer Engineering, he has been involved in every major project over the last decade, first doing the programming and configuration of the facility to, later on, design and lead the controls engineering efforts. He is always driven to perform complicated upgrades and has a unique ability to conduct them live – without the need for a shutdown.


Q) Should I use a DCS or PLC on my facility?

A) The nature of the facility governs this. A DCS is recommended for large facilities that require scalability, while a PLC is recommended for small facilities or applications that are time-critical and require extremely fast response times.

Q) Do you have a preference for which controls system is used?

A) My gratification comes in providing the best solution to a given problem, it, therefore, doesn’t matter which system I use as long as it’s the best fit for the application.

Q) What makes a good Control System and Control Design?

A) A good Control system and design are one where good communication is established with the client, and other engineering disciplines (e.g Civil, Mechanical, Process & Electrical) to clearly understand how the control system is to function. In addition, the system requires rigorous testing to ensure a high-quality product that meets and exceeds the safety and functionality required, is produced.

Q) How do I know my Control System is working properly?

A) Rigorous testing is performed on the system both during development and commissioning to ensure that the control system meets the design specifications and performs optimally.

Q) What is one thing the client can count on you for?

A) Solutions.