by Amanda Paterson Amanda Paterson

What are the best business and lifestyle resources to become even better at our jobs, and in life? This month, we interviewed Serge Despres & Forrest Churchill. Find out what tools and tips they use to reach their goals.

Tool: I listen to the “Unbeatable Mind” podcast for ideas, strategies and tools to enhance my knowledge to become a high-performance leader.

Strategy: Making a point of asking my kids what they are grateful for every day… their answers are simple and genuine.  It makes me put things in perspective and align my priorities.

Tool: Use the ‘Microsoft Teams’ application to organize my task by groups and share notes, actions, ideas and information with my team



Tool: Microsoft Teams helps us consolidate our internal communications and documents. It really helps with real-time collaboration… it works seamlessly with other software… and it doesn’t require an IT team to manage it! It’s amazing!

Strategy: The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss is a quick read to help improve efficiency. It provides a system on how to analyze your current work processes and determine which ones are essential to be done by YOU versus delegation… so you free up time and focus on what needs YOUR attention

Tool: Google Keep – to keep track of what needs to get done.  It’s essentially a shareable task list that with my fiancé.